Dress Up Your Denim Jacket

Don't be fooled into thinking that a ladies' denim jacket is only to wear with jeans. In fact, as far as most stylists are concerned, it's best to stay as far away from the jeans - denim jacket combination as possible. That's unless you buy a jacket that's in a completely different colour from your jeans, such as pale pink or parchment.

And this advice might be difficult to take on board for many ladies. Denim jacket worship is commonplace, and many women wouldn't be without theirs, so how to wear it well, dress it up and make it look different to everyone else? Firstly, try wearing it with something you've never considered before, such as over the top of a short, floral dress? The eye is drawn to the dress, and the denim gives your outfit a little edge without being too dominant. If you want to add more rebellion, add cowboy boots or high heels, and if you want to keep things demure, go for simple flat pumps or even a cute pair of sneakers.

If the pretty dress doesn't appeal, why not go for white jeans or trousers? These always look great and, if you have a great-looking blue ladies' denim jacket, you can wear it with ease. Try skinny white jeans or cords - fine cord is best for a smoother look - and add colourful heels or flats to add interest. For warmer weather, choose white Capri pants or tailored shorts and add a coloured t-shirt to give your outfit a lift.

And, for those who like to dazzle and shine, take your ladies' denim jacket and put it over the sparkliest top you can find! With metallic a big theme in 2012, there's a great choice of tops, blouses and accessories that will help to jazz up your denim look and bring it right up to date. The key here is a bit of subtlety though, so don't make everything blingy - instead, use key pieces of jewellery, such as funky bracelets, to add some twinkle to your outfit, or if you've gone for a heavily sequinned top, keep your jewellery, scarves and hair accessories muted and in contrasting colours to bring everything together.

Denim is your friend, and a good quality ladies' denim jacket will be a much-loved wardrobe staple for many years. Learn to wear it in a variety of ways and a simple investment will bring you a lot of fun and a ton of compliments.


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